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The Tory leadership race heats up in London reports have infact emerged that the former care taker Boris Johnson in London is allegedly pushing his allies to support absolutely anyone they want except Rishi Sunak who was the former chancellor of the Ex checker to become the next Prime Minister of Britain.

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It is to be remembered that Rishi Sunak is someone who was backed to the irk but Boris Johnson but he was one of the first people who decided to pull the plug on Boris Johnson’s Prime ministership.

These reports have emerged after Boris Johnson said that he will not publicly endorse any candidate or get involved in the increasingly bitter leadership race. A source close to the prime minsiter has said that Boris Johnson is reportedly most keen on Liss Truss, the foreign secretary to succeed him. but Johnson is open to Penny Mordaunt the Junior Trade minister to succeeding him instead of Sunak.

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But so far in the race for the Tory leadership, Rishi Sunak came up at the top with 101 votes while Penny Mordaunt got 83 votes and Liss Truss got 64 votes.

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