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Arsenal have done plenty of transfer business earlier in this transfer window and Gabriel Jesus is shaping up nicely. He says ” I am really happy to be here you know, the way everyone welcomed me was like amazing, you know they make me feel at home so that’s why everything on the pitch is good for me.”

When asked why he chose Arsenal of all clubs he said ” Edu came to talk with me and asked me how I am and how I am feeling as a person and then after as a football player, he asked me what I want in the future and so yeah I think the conversation between me and him was amazing you know because I was like so happy with the project of the club and straight away I said yes. I think my way is in London.”

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When asked about him being the main dominant man for the club he said ” I dont want to be the main man here, I dont want to be the super star. I just wanna play and enjoy football because thats what i want to do you know. I have come to help and to learn with the guys you know here and there. There are amazing players here as well and I have come to join a club where everyone wants to win together you know.”


On who would score more goals between him and Richarlison, he said ” We both can join end of the season fighting for the golden boot because I like him you know he’s a very good guy and an amazing player and I wish him all the best but not against arsenal “he laughs”.”

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