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President Joe Biden is facing his lowest approval ratings since taking office and its largely due to the democrats. 18 months into his presidency, Joe Biden can point to few accomplishments that his fellow democrats can support in his mid term elections.

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There are symbolic victories for example, appointing the first black woman judge to the supreme court however his signature build back better plan is going nowhere and worse for democrats the problem isnt for example senate minority leader Mitchel McConor, its members within there own party.

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While most of the President’s low approval ratings are because of high inflation, his mishandling of the economy and also his inability to be able to bring the country together like he promised when taking office. Many experts believe part of this problem is so because democrats weren’t particularly excited about Joe Biden becoming President. What they were excited about was getting rid of Donald Trump and so what they did do was there partisan duty and nominate Joe Biden to get the job done. However many it seems now have biased remorse.

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