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The tory leadership race is down to the final two, that is Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss. They have qualified for the runoff and will now battle it out to who the grass roots awaited members.

What started as a race with 11 contenders has been reduced to the final two. Penny Mordaunt who maintained a lead over Truss in almost all votes has been knocked off in the 5th ballot. Foreign Secretary Liz Truss thanked the Mps for trusting her and says she is ready to hit the ground from day 1.

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All the summer, nearly 160000 of Tory members across the UK will vote for the next party chief who will then replace Boris Johnson as the prime minister of the United Kingdom.

The council member website says that members will receive their ballot papers between the 1st and 5th of August. The members can cast the ballots either by a post or online. The deadline for voting has been set to the 2nd of September and the results are expected to be out on the 5th of September.

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In the next few weeks, the final 2 are expected to take part in multiple debates and hold programs across the country to make there case as the party leader. Meanwhile the labour party earlier yesterday called Johnson out on the last few debates being cancelled. The response to which the care taker said he is not tracking the competition.

Watch the space.

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