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Back in the 1980s Ivana Trump was a common name for New York’s tabloids. She was born in the Cech Republic and got married to the former United States President Donald Trump in 1977.

Ivana Trump is a former super model who had once trained for Cech Slovakia in the junior National skying team. It also played a crucial role in building up the Trump media image in the 1980s where they were one of New York city’s most prominent power couples.

The two finally divorced in the year 1992 and Ivana signed a non disclosure agreement and received about 14 million dollars along with a mansion in connecticut. There divorce was in the lime light for a long period of time when it happened in the year 1992.

It reportedly came out after Donald Trump’s highly publicised affair with an actress. After their separation, Ivana also went on to launch her own line of beauty products, clothing and jewelery products. She also got married twice with an italian business man and also to an italianĀ  actor later.

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